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New Blog Site

It's 2020! And Tumblr might as well be dead, which means it's time to move everything to a shiny new home.

For the new blog, I ported everything over to my own static site generator called sssg. It lets you create a static website with plain HTML, Markdown, or Jinja templates, and you can easily have customizable template pages, like this blog does!

I made the theme to this myself, along with some photos of my own computer and text for flair.

To make figuring out how to use SSSG easier, this blog is also public under my Github! It shows how to use it with plain Markdown files, a dynamically generated HTML (the index page), and a custom page template. Also how to deploy straight to S3 from a Github push using only Github Actions. Enjoy!

Actually posting here is still limited, but with the new format I'm hoping to get to it more often.